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3 Key Steps To Take When Maintaining A High-Pressure Pump

If you have a high-pressure pump around your work site, it's important to know how to take care of it. Only then can you prevent costly repairs from happening in the future. The proper maintenance protocol for such an expensive system should involve these steps. 

Inspect Connections Regularly

For this water pump to work correctly, it needs to have connections that are in contact. The smallest leak could cause all sorts of issues so it's important to inspect these connections regularly.

Walk around the high-pressure pump and make a note of the condition of each connection. If you see visible signs of wear and tear, you may want to have these connections replaced. This way, you know they're tight and will prevent any water from leaking out. If you already notice signs of leaking, you'll definitely want to replace the connections right away.

Clean Inlet Filter

One of the more important components of a high-pressure pump is the inlet filter. It's designed to keep dirt and debris from entering the pump system and affecting its performance. To ensure this filter works like it should, get in the habit of cleaning it periodically.

Take the filter out of its housing unit and spray it down with a pressurized hose. Or, if the filter isn't that dirty, you may just be able to pat it down. You can then reinsert this filter so long as it has a reusable design. Performing this step often will help you avoid a lot of other major issues.

Have Pump Inspected Professionally

Sometimes, it's necessary to bring in a professional that knows these systems inside and out. They can conduct a thorough inspection that will let you know exactly what condition the high-pressure pump is in.

If there are major problems with any of the components, they will document them in a report. You'll receive these papers at the end and you can even have the professional go over the results with you. This way, you know exactly what's wrong and can then have the problems addressed before you end up paying for more expensive repairs.

High-pressure pumps are important systems for a lot of work sites today and they aren't cheap to fix. It is thus a good idea to practice good maintenance with this component from the very start. Keeping a consistent care schedule goes a long way in helping this pump work optimally.