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Versatile Furnishings For Your Shipping And Receiving Department

If you're in need of new office furniture, modular furnishings and a standing desk will work well for your ever-changing shipping and receiving department. If you tend to hire temporary office workers during busy seasons and cut back on hours during slow periods, having furnishings that you can move around or change the layout of can be very beneficial.

Choose Modular Furnishings That Connect and Roll

If the shipping department is located in the warehouse portion of your facility, envision being able to push desks, chairs, and storage cubicles across the floor and having the capability of attaching the pieces to create a singular unit. These features will be provided if you purchase furnishings that interlock and that each contain a wheel base. Choose metal, plastic, wood, or laminate furniture that will blend into your work environment. Pick desk setups that contain pull out keyboard trays and built-in filing cabinets or shelving units.

If your employees work in a predominantly open area and currently you have a couple desktop computers set up on a makeshift desk, think about how you can add an air of privacy to the new and improved office environment. After setting up the modular furnishings, use a curtain to enclose the office space or invest in some movable wall panels to separate the office area from the areas that are used for shipping and receiving purposes.

When your workforce increases, add more modular units to the setup. During times that only a couple people will be using the furnishings, detach the pieces that aren't needed and store them inside of a closet or an empty room at your business.

Set Up a Standing Desk

A standing desk is suitable for quick tasks that need to be performed throughout the day. For instance, if your shipping and receiving employees are responsible for weighing packages, determining freight amounts, and printing labels that will be affixed to items that are being shipped out, they can walk over to the standing desk to execute each step.

A standing desk will minimize wasted time due to logging in on separate computers and will prevent your employees from feeling unmotivated due to sitting down in a chair and slowly executing each task. A standing desk that is adjustable will allow you to customize the height of a computer monitor or a printer. Set up a standing desk in the central part of the shipping department so that everyone will be able to access it as needed.