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Submersible Well Pump Installation: Tips On Right And Wrong Methods

Without question, the submersible well pump is the most efficient option for pumping water from a well and into a home or business. However, also without question, submersible well pumps are far harder to install. These implements have to be situated down in the deep recess of the water well in order to work effectively. Plus, even tiny mistakes can make all the difference in how well the pump functions or even how long it lasts. Take a look at some of the right and wrong things to do during submersible well pump installation. 

Right: Make sure you have several people who can help. 

A submersible well pump, by the time everything is attached to the pump, is going to be quite heavy. Professionals almost always have several people on-site during an install, and this is for good reason. Lowering the pump into the well singlehandedly would be practically impossible. This is especially true because, during the lowering, you have to be mindful of all the other parts that can be damaged in the process. 

Wrong: Not draining the poly pipe before removing an old pump. 

If you are in the process of removing an old submersible pump before the installation of the new fixture, you have to completely expel water from the old pump before trying to pull it out. If you don't, you will work far harder than necessary because the main poly pipe leading from the pump is going to be filled with water. If your well is hundreds of feet deep and that poly pipe is hundreds of feet long, you can be trying to tug up a ton of water weight. 

Right: Make sure the wires are protected during the install. 

The wires that power the pump are going to be going down in the well with the pump, and you have to make sure these wires are out of the way during the lowering process. If they aren't, you run the risk of damaging the wires before you ever get your new pump in place. 

Wrong: Not installing a torque arrestor before installing the pump. 

The motor of a submersible well pump is quite powerful. This power comes along with a lot of movement and vibration, which is not good over many years of use. A torque arrestor slips around the top of the pump, and the sole purpose of this implement is to kind of absorb the shock and vibrations so the pipe and wires are not shimmying and jumping every time the pump's motor is in motion. 

To learn more, contact a water well pump installation company.