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Here's What To Expect When Having A Whole-House Water Treatment System Installed

Having a whole-house water treatment system installed is an excellent way to improve the taste and health of the water your family drinks and bathes in. You won't have to worry about buying bottled water or using a reverse osmosis system to make your water drinkable. Here is what to expect when having your new treatment system installed in your house:

Determining What's in Your Water

The first thing your service provider will want to do before customizing a water treatment system for your home is figure out what is actually in your water source. Your service provider will test your water and perform a thorough analysis to determine what kind of sediment is in the water and whether any dangerous chemicals are present that could cause a health problem if ingested. Mineral levels will also be tested to find out whether any are present and whether the levels are within normal ranges.

Understanding Your Treatment Options

Once your water has been tested and analyzed, your service provider will present a variety of treatment options that can be incorporated into your whole-house water treatment system. They will not only suggest filters to get rid of specific contaminants, but they can recommend options that will infuse the water with minerals to make it healthier to drink and to get rid of hard water sediments so your skin doesn't dry out during showers.

Creating Your Custom Treatment System

After you choose the types of filters, additives, and chemical treatments that you want to incorporate into your water system, your service provider will create a custom water treatment system for your household that will meet your needs and expectations for many years to come. Your new water treatment system will include all of the components necessary to create clean, safe drinking water that is tasty and reliable.

Installing and Maintaining Your New System

The last thing your service provider will do is actually install your new treatment system so it's tied into your plumbing system and water source. Once installed, they will show you how all of the working components function so you can keep an eye on everything and identify when a problem seems to be arising.

Your technician will make sure that you know exactly what to do and who to call if a problem does arise. They will also provide you with a maintenance checklist to follow between professional maintenance appointments so you can keep your water treatment system in good shape for several years to come.