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Pair Your Next Thai Restaurant Meal With One Of These Notable Beverages

When you visit an authentic restaurant for Thai food, it's easy for your focus to be on the food. Whether you're anxious to enjoy a bowl of tom yum soup, a plate of pad thai, or a bowl of red curry, your taste buds will feel alive with the wide range of flavors that are present in Thai cuisine. While you might think about having a glass of water or perhaps a domestic soft drink with your meal, it's ideal to take a moment to browse the restaurant's available beverages. Thai restaurants have a number of drinks that are unique and that can be a perfect complement to your meal. Here are some examples.

Thai Iced Tea

If you like the idea of ordering a couple of appetizers and sharing them with your table before the main course arrives, it can be nice to sip a beverage during this time. A good drink for starting your Thai restaurant experience is a glass of Thai iced tea. Different restaurants may make their iced tea slightly differently, but this drink is commonly made with black tea and has such spices as cardamom, star anise, and more. The tea is mixed with sweetened condensed milk and poured over ice — giving you a beverage that is not only sweet and tasty but also visually appealing.

Thai Beer

Many people enjoy sipping a beer while eating spicy food. The combination of beer and chicken wings, for example, is a popular choice. If you plan on ordering spicy fare as your main course at the Thai restaurant, peruse the menu's selection of alcoholic beverages. You'll likely find a variety of types of beer with which you may not be familiar. The taste of Thai beers can vary from brand to brand, but if you're a beer aficionado, you'll love the opportunity to experience this imported drink.

Mango Juice

You've likely tasted mango in the past and maybe even had a glass of mango juice at some point. Mangoes are one of the most popular fruit choices in Thai cooking, which means that your local Thai eatery will almost certainly have mango juice on the menu, too. If you're looking for a drink that is sweet and extremely flavorful, this can be a good choice to enjoy after your meal. If you're dining out with your children, mango juice may be a favorite choice for them, too, instead of a soft drink.