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Tips for Selecting a Labradoodle Puppy

Labradoodles can make wonderful family pets. They have the quiet, calm disposition of a lab and the intelligence of a poodle. They are on the larger side and need some space to run, but they're not high-energy dogs, and they're kind to strangers. That being said, not every labradoodle puppy is the same. There are some guidelines you will want to follow when selecting a puppy.

1. Visit the breeder in-person.

As with every breed, some breeders are more reputable than others. In the age of the Internet, it can be tough to get to know much about a breeder without visiting the facility in-person. A reputable breeder should be happy to have you come and visit. They should be willing to show you around the facility, introduce you to the dogs, and answer any questions you might have. Look for a breeder who carefully selects their dogs and makes sure they go to good homes. 

2. Look at the puppy's parents.

If at all possible, you want to meet both of the puppy's parents. Note that the puppy will differ from both of these parents since it is a mixed breed — so do not focus too much on appearance. Do, however, pay close attention to temperament. Do the parents have the type of personality you would like to see in your puppy? If you want a more playful dog, are the parents playful? If you want a shy and subdued dog, are the parents quiet and meek?

3. Don't pick a puppy until they're at least 6 weeks old.

Many times, people will visit the breeder and choose a puppy when they are still very tiny. While this approach can be fun because it allows you to watch "your puppy" grow up, you can't tell as much about a puppy when it's that small. In the case of Labradoodles, you can't tell whether they'll have a shorter lab coat or a long, curly coat when they're so tiny. If possible, wait until the puppies are at least six weeks old to choose one. At this stage, you will have a better idea of whether the puppy will have more of a lab or poodle coat, and you will be able to better assess its personality. 

If you follow the tips above, you should have an easier time finding a labradoodle who is perfect for your family. Contact a Labradoodle breeder to learn more.