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3 Tips For Hiring A Professional Santa

For many children, there is nothing quite like meeting Santa. Meeting Santa can be a defining moment in a child's life, which is why when you hire someone to play Santa, you want to hire someone who can pull off the role in a really authentic manner, such as a Santa with a real beard. When it comes to hiring a professional Santa, there are a few things you will want to do.  

Tip #1: Go for Someone Who Looks the Part

Anyone can dress up in a Santa costume, put on a fake beard, and make a few jolly sounds. However, that will not convince most children, who are fully aware of what costumes are and have a good eye for spotting things that are fake or just don't feel right.

You need to hire someone who really looks the part. Look for someone who has a fully grown white Santa beard, who has little crinkles around their eyes, and who has a body frame that one could believe Santa would have.

Pay attention to their costume as well. Look for a Santa that has a costume that looks worn-in and real, and doesn't have a fake costume feel to it.

Tip #2: Hire Someone with Talent

One has to do more than look the part in order to be a convincing Santa, they need to be able to act the part. Ask to see a video reel of the person you want to hire acting like Santa. If it is a really big role, you can even have them audition for it. You want to make sure that the person you hire is jolly, has a good rapport with children, and has the ability to easily tell stories about his life that fit with the Santa Clause persona.

Tip #3: Start Looking Early

If you want to hire a Santa to work during the traditional holiday season, you are going to want to book your Santa this summer. Santa's busiest time of year is October, November, and December. If you want to book a Santa during that time period, you are going to want to hire them by the end of summer.

If you need a Santa outside of the holiday season, you should not have to book that far in advance. A week or two should be adequate.

When it comes to hiring a Santa, you want to hire someone who can both look and act the part. If you want your Santa to be convincing, you need to look for someone who can really pull off that jolly feeling. If you need a Santa during the holiday season, book this summer to secure the best Santa.

For more information, contact a service with real beard Santas for hire.