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Create Some Colorful Beaded Flower Pots

The dark green, purple, and gold beads that Mardi Gras necklaces are constructed of can be used to decorate plastic or terra cotta pots that will be used to house a collection of geraniums or lilies. Many retailers sell plastic Mardi Gras strands in bulk, which include necklaces that contain smooth or ridged beads.

The Basics

You will need clean, dry pots, Mardi Gras necklaces, scissors, and a clear adhesive to complete a basic project that involves covering a pot with some stripes or a random bead pattern. If you want to take a more creative approach, use a marker to hand draw some pictures on the exterior of each pot or line up some stencils across the plastic or terra cotta and trace them.

The outlines can be used for a specific bead color and will ensure that the finished design is symmetrical. Use the number of pots that you will be covering to help you choose a number of bead necklaces to purchase. If you choose a Mardi Gras jewelry style that features large beads, acquire the dimensions of each one so that you can pinpoint how many will be needed to cover each pot.

You can also use a combination of bead styles, mixing small, ridged beads with a series of smooth ones, to give a pot a multi-faceted appearance. If you already own some plants that are going to be repotted, use the color of the plants to help you choose a design for the beaded artwork. Otherwise, purchase some flowering plants. Leave them in their original containers until the beadwork has been added to the new pots.

The Bead Attachment Steps

Vertical or horizontal lines or a series of shapes can be added to each pot. If you are going for a uniform look that includes a series of wide, vertical stripes, Cut between a pair of beads that make up each Mardi Gras necklace. Lay out the beads across a flat surface. Hold up the first strand that you will be working with. Line up the beads along the length of the pot. Cut a bead strip that will adequately cover the pot, from top to bottom.

Brush or squeeze a layer of clear adhesive across the backside of the strip of beads. Press the beads against the pot. Continue with the other bead strands, until the pot is covered. For a picture design or one that is random, separate beads from one another, before securing them individually. After the beadwork has dried, repot the flowering plants into the ones you have decorated.

To purchase Mardi Gras beads for your project, contact a supplier in your area.